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About the Urban Freight Lab

Urban Freight Lab group photo

A Public-Private-Academic Partnership

The Urban Freight Lab at the University of Washington is a living laboratory composed of academic researchers, public-sector agencies, and interconnected private-sector companies in transportation and logistics — retailers, carriers and shippers, infrastructure and operational technology providers, real estate, and vehicle and vehicle part manufacturers.


Our focus is on solving urban freight issues in an age when demand for ecommerce is exploding, emissions from transportation are growing, and improving equity and safety outcomes are critical goals for governments.


We work to design and test solutions around urban freight management to make operations more efficient and cities more sustainable and livable. 

Since launching in 2016, the UFL has completed an innovative suite of research projects on the Final 50 Feet of the goods delivery system, providing proven strategies to reduce dwell time and failed delivery attempts, decreasing traffic congestion, CO2 emissions, and delivery costs.

Current Urban Freight Lab members are:

  • Amazon

  • Bellevue Transportation Department

  • Bluebits Technologies

  • BrightDrop

  • Checkpoint Systems

  • City of Seattle Department of Transportation

  • Fernhay

  • Impinj

  • LAZ Parking

  • Net Zero Logistics

  • New York City Department of Transportation

  • Michelin

  • Terreno Realty Corporation

  • Uber

  • UPS

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